16 June 2012 @ 07:07 am

fig. 1: Not a dog.

Dog - Milo's dog is okay! Symptom free and going to the vet to make sure he's okay, and ready to travel. Since we're finally moving forward, then, I'm ready to go into this a little more.

Milo's dog is a rescue. As I talked about before, Milo has some pretty specific needs for his service dog, which lead to us looking at some specific breeds. We came pretty close to getting the pup from the breeder who, unfortunately, stopped responding to emails. I am guessing he decided to home the puppy elsewhere, and felt awkward responding to us, because the dog is going to have a very important job. Ah well. I would have hoped to hear from him simply saying he and his business partner decided we weren't a good fit, but I can definitely relate to feeling overwhelmed by having to pass on disappointing news.

This opened us up to looking at some other breed possibilities. Meanwhile, a rescue dog appeared who fits Milo's criteria, in age range, intelligence, coat and temperament - as appraised by someone with experience with psychiatric service dogs. What this means is, not only is Milo getting his dog, his dog was going to be put to sleep and instead has an awesome life ahead of him! This is awesome!

The fundraiser allowed us to bring this dog to Milo and to make sure Milo has everything he needs for this partnership to get off to a great start. As Puppy Arrival looms ever closer, I must thank all of you for your help and support in making this happen for Milo. He will make the most of this, I know, and I am so excited to see what happens next!

Since I wake up the earliest, I will get to take the little guy for his morning walk, and I'm really looking forward to that.

By the way, the dog is officially named Otis. SO! Expect lots of updates and photos of OTIS coming soon! :D

Whale Trail - I have been wasting some of my time playing this great little game called WHALE TRAIL for iOS, and if you have an iphone or iwhatever, go grab it. It's free, and it has pretty colors, and is a calming, fun game.

And, if you like Whale Trail, you should also check out Team Phobic's title, GLOWBUGS, which is ALSO colorful and soothing, and has glowing bugs instead of a flying whale. Take your pick. Or get both! Both are free! Twice as much saturated color for the low price of nothing whatsoever!

Icons - Stream today. I will make a post when this happens! Sometime after I get cat food, likely. Cats gotta eat, Tod's gotta draw.

Dream - I dreamed that I was at the Black Drop downtown, looking at a wide variety of delicious deserts. I was trying to decide between a giant bucket of apple pudding, which was so creamy and sugary and awesome that I could taste it just by looking at it, and some beautiful cupcakes that were surreal in their perfection. Also, different kinds of pie and muffins and stuff.

An older fellow was having a tough time, so I bought him the pudding, and he felt so much better, he decided to tell us about this mystical game that was also in the coffee shop's display case. He wanted me to buy him the game, but I didn't have enough money after getting him the pudding. The game had cards and also vaguely boomerang or vertebrae shaped pieces with symbols on them.

Then dream-version of fenmere was telling me about a movie he liked. He wouldn't tell us what the movie was, and said we had to guess, but that it had greatly inspired him.

Then, Arsen and I inside this movie, even though we hadn't guessed it. It was a noir, desaturated dieselpunk sort of deal. We walked past a clock shop, and a narrative voice told us that the clocks provided the sound track for the movie, and would be audible throughout the world we found ourselves in.

The older fellow from the coffee shop was there, and he was using this mystical game to do something nebulously evil. Arsen and I walked down the street, and I realized I was carrying an elephant gun. I shot it at a wall or side of a building or something while Arsen talked about it, and he said, and I saw, that it shot out this needle that ran from the barrel of the gun to what it destroyed. It was an abrupt and malicious severing of some important connection between the person who fired this gun and whatever the needle hit.

Arsen started talking about someone who had used this gun to shoot a queen, and I was talking about how that person must be dangerous and Arsen said, "well, he's behind you." And he was, another older fellow, with long gray hair. This guy said he was going to help us stop the man with the game.

The man with the game was using it and math to create an equation that changed the way gravity worked for him, which allowed him to change his orbit (?) while still being on earth, and this allowed him to divide by zero, which let him alter reality however he wanted. Sounds legit, right?

This guy and the long-haired guy got into a fight in a tournament ring, and the long-haired guy was killed. Then the reality-controlling guy turned me into the water version of dragon-tod, and then my cat woke me up.

Then I fell back asleep and the dream continued, except now I was human-tod and I was in the tournament ring with this guy. Yikes! So I decided it would be a good idea to team up with Andorian Imperial Guard people, since their phasers don't have stun settings - makes sense, sure. But our phasers would just shoot nerf balls, and the reality warping guy was impervious to everything, anyway. Nerf bullets kept bouncing back to us as real bullets, but they were very slow moving, and we managed to dodge. Then he pulled off my deely-boppers and I woke up. :( Man, why'd you have to be like that, dream-person? I bought you pudding!