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Old Art

I drew this for an assignment, in 2002, then made it sepia-tone with the magic of computers. Dinosaurs didn't have feathers back then, you see.

Not-Old Art

Basilosaurus. This is not as old in the sense that I drew it yesterday and not ten years ago, and also in the sense that basilosaurus existed more recently than featherless dinosaur cowboys. He's crabby, because he's extinct, and...


wait, 2002 was ten years ago? I was in college ten years ago?

Hey, let's move on.

Icons - Yesterday's stream went well until my hands decided they were done, so I'll be trying that again at some point, today. I'm taking off at 6 to go to the comic class/meetup we're doing along with regular Thursday comic group. We're meeting to work our way through the assignments in Drawing Words and Writing Pictures. And that reminds me that I have not yet done my homework. I forgot how to do homework, since I have not been in college for ten yea... we're moving on.

Dream - I forgot to write this down yesterday. Two nights ago, I dreamed that we went to the Dark Knight Rises, and the previews were playing. This preview was showing creepy, atmospheric, black and white teaser scenes, to build suspense over just what the movie would be. You know the kind of trailer I'm talking about. Slowly, it is revealed that there's some little animals riding in a canoe, down a creepy river, and then we see the apple car and Lowly Worm. Then we get to see the title of the film, Richard Scarry Stories to Tell in the Dark.

I can't wait for TDKR, oh my gosh! Only a few more days, OH MY GOSH! I think I should use one of my Riddler icons for this post, now.
17 July 2012 @ 03:05 pm
Streaming icons at until 4 PST. Sound is off! Come on in!

Aaaaand now the stream is done! Six icons done today.