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11 January 2011 @ 03:13 pm
Icon Day 15  
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! It's going to be a big batch, and will be a lot of fun! The final tip incentives are:
All icons will be in color.
Everyone who tipped will get two icons - so make sure that you left a note IN YOUR ORIGINAL REQUEST COMMENT, OR AS A REPLY TO IT so I know to draw you two icons. If you didn't tell me there, I will not be able to draw you two icons.
Sometime this month, I will be doing a 24 hour comic (possibly with 8 hours of sleep in the middle) of an Ekwara story everyone can vote on. Someone who votes will be randomly selected to receive the original art.

Thanks very much to everyone who participated! This is a big batch, though I haven't done the final count, yet. Keep your eye on my livejournal for progress updates. And, a reminder - you will get your icon as a comment reply to your request comment, and it will also appear as a part of a big batch post on my journal. Make sure you are following my journal, or have comment notification turned on!

If you missed putting in a request this time, fear not! I will be doing Icon Day again, once these icons are finished in a month to a month and a half. I am also open for commissions.

You can contact me at coyotepuck@gmail.com if you have any questions!

The last batch is done, so it's time for the next round! If you would be so kind as to read these rules before making your request, I would greatly appreciate it.

Icon Day means you are invited to request an icon! You can get one for free, or you can leave a tip. Tips are not required in order to get an icon, but doing art is my job, and thus tips are greatly appreciated. It's like online busking! For those of you who do tip, there are some tip incentives, while I'll talk about a little later. Make sure that you let me know that you tipped in your request, if you did, so you get your tip incentive. You are on the honor system.

Thanks to the first tip goal being reached, all of the icons will now be in full color, painted with watercolor! :)

However, this time around, I am asking for something else in return for your request, and that is simply that you link back to this post somewhere, either in your twitter, your livejournal, etc., or simply pass the word on to another friend who might be interested in grabbing an icon! If you would like to help support my art, you could also link to my webcomic - http://www.ekwara.com - but this is not a requirement.

I have a few rules that I've developed over the course of 14 previous icon days. Here's the scoop:

- One icon request per person. If you tip, and tips go high enough, there is a tip incentive for more icons, but otherwise, please limit yourself to one request. Likewise, one character/subject per icon. I will make an exception for a small pet/familiar, within reason.

- Keep your requests reasonably simple! These are drawn 2"x2", and a complex scene won't work out as well as something that can be drawn as a head shot or head-and-shoulders shot. If you ask for something that proves too complicated, I'll simplify it or zoom in.

- NO FAN ART. PLEASE READ THIS PART! Please do not request a picture of characters from a show, video game, etc, unless they are in the public domain. Please do not ask me for art of living actors/famous people. Please do not ask me for pictures of your character cosplaying as any of those things, characters whose appearance is based on a real actor (using a PB), and please don't request fan-characters like WoW characters or pokemorphs. Thank you! Your own D&D characters are fine.

- Keep any pictures and text you link in my journal ALL AGES APPROPRIATE. Please do not link to nude references or explicit content. Cartoon/barbie-doll nudity is fine as long as it looks like your character's fur could be a leotard. I have a frank post on adult content in icon references, here, if you have any questions about why I'm asking this - http://djinni.livejournal.com/267687.html
If you break this rule, I will delete your request, and you will not get an icon.

BTW, no one broke this rule last round. THANKS VERY MUCH, GUYS! I really appreciate it.

You will get a 100x100 pixel icon. I do not send out the originals of these pictures, since I draw them all together on a grid, and mailing out 200+ tiny pictures would drive me batty!

I post the icons, when they are finished, as a reply to your comment on this post, and in a big batch post in my livejournal. To make sure that you get your icon, follow my journal, or leave comment notification on. It usually takes me a month to a month and a half to finish the icons, depending on the size of the batch. I will be working on these while I work on my existing commissions and hunt for new ones, since I need to keep my business running. Fear not, you will get your art! I have now done this 14 times before, which is a silly-huge number of icons. I think we're over 2,000, but I haven't counted, yet.

There is no official theme for this icon day, so request whatever you'd like. Here are some suggestions: Victorian/steampunk, pirate, retro sci-fi, dinosaur, your character as one of the Ekwara species, listening to music, hanging upside-down, fantasy, your pet or favorite animal, etc. I do not draw cars very well, when I am drawing very small, so be warned. XD

I will not turn anyone away for not being able to tip much. There is no "suggested tip" amount. For what it's worth, however, please keep in mind that if you tip less than a dollar, paypal takes a pretty sizable chunk of what you send.

For those of you who tip, the tip incentives this round are:

If tips reach $20 - I am allowed to order a pizza ;) PIZZA! XD

If tips reach $100 - Every icon will be in color. If you tip, you are guaranteed a color icon, so make sure that you tell me if you tip in your request comment. All of the icons will be in color!

If tips reach $300 Tips have reached this goal! Everyone who tips will get a second icon, so make sure you let me know if you tipped! You can feel free to leave a second request as a reply to your initial request comment (so they stay in the same place), or let me come up with something based off your first request.

If tips reach $500 - This goal has been reached, so I will draw a 24 hour comic this month, set in my fantasy world, Ekwara. My ability to pull off all-nighters is not what it used to be, so it may be a 12 hour+8 hours of sleep+12 hour comic, but I'll do what I can! I'll set up a post in my livejournal with several different comic ideas, and let you all vote on which one you'd like me to draw. Someone who votes will be randomly chosen to receive the originals! This is not a raffle - voting will be open to everyone who visits this journal!

If tips manage to go to $600, which they have never done, I will draw a third icon for people who tip. This may extend the time it takes me to complete this project, but I will keep you updated if this actually happens.

Icon requests will remain open until I declare a cutoff. I will try to do this an hour or two before the fact. Right now, I think I will close requests when I wake up on Thursday morning, but I reserve the right to call things off earlier if I feel that the number of requests is getting close to what I know I can complete in a reasonable time. If you don't see a cutoff notice at the top of this post, requests are still open, so feel free to dive on in. Basically, I just put these here because of a nagging worry that I'll get linked somewhere that generates more traffic than I can handle, but that's never happened.

Thank you for reading the rules, and for participating! Here is a tip jar:

If you have any questions, or need to get in contact with me, you can always email me at coyotepuck@gmail.com
Elizabeth Barretteysabetwordsmith on January 12th, 2011 12:06 am (UTC)
Yes, please!
I am tipping today, and will pimp your post as usual.

I would like an icon of my character Fiorenza, an Italian herbalist. She is a tall, slim young woman with long curly black hair and kind of an olive-tan skin tone. Her face looks a bit like this:

I think it would be fun to picture her with one of her herbs -- garlic, rosemary, or maybe a tomato.

Here are some lovely images of Italian peasant garb; my favorites are the two "Fruit Seller" pictures.
About all that would show in an icon would probably be the ruff of the chemise and straps of the bodice, but it's easier to illustrate if you know what's there.

These are the two poems about Fiorenza that I have so far:

I'd like the expression to be cheerful. If I get a second icon, my second choice of expression is studious or intellectual.
Toddjinni on March 22nd, 2011 10:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Yes, please!
Elizabeth Barretteysabetwordsmith on March 23rd, 2011 12:59 am (UTC)
Thank you!
These are lovely! I have saved them to my LJ scrapbook. The one with the tomato is now the official Fiorenza icon for the poetic series.