Tod (djinni) wrote,

Wednesday, May 30th

Dear Internet Diary,

Today, I ran some morning errands, and sat to do some paperwork while having some caffeine in beverage form. I managed to make it home, and now I have more work to do!

I need to get my writing together to send out to writing group, for Friday. I also need to write a packet to bring to the art shop manager tomorrow, because it looks like I might get to use their back room for kids’ art classes! This is a great opportunity. If I have time today, I’d also like to work on puppets, and stream if I can sneak that in. Sorry for the lack of streaming time, these days – I have been quite busy, but June is a new month, with a new schedule, so stay tuned!

Zazzle’s been having some behind-the-scenes issues with t-shirt creation, so I put some new designs on hold, but I have several dog breed cartoons I’ll be putting on products once that’s sorted out.

And finally, I’m considering just relocating this blog to only Livejournal, again, because of the planned changes to the StoryDragon, in anticipation of it being our business site, and the comment crossposting issues. I think it might be better to use the website for strictly business news related stuff, and my lj for these daily updates. I don’t think many folks are reading the blog off the site, regardless. What do you think?

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