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I'm posting the Daily Posts here on livejournal, and using The Story Dragon blog for puppets/art tutoring/business stuff, since this is starting to come together! Pardon the switch, but you're all over here, anyway. Hi! ;)

I met with Thom this morning, and talked about putting the finishing touches on the latest project I'm doing with him. Gold Nuggets, his prospecting card game, will soon be available up on The Game Crafter.

And that brings me to the task of sorting out my projects and my plans for June. I've been needing an excuse for a fresh start, because my work schedule, and my adherence to my sleep schedule and whatnot, got all wonky after the Art Marathon happened, what with the dog search, and life, and such. So, here we go!

Icons - Gonna keep working on the latest Icon Day batch, with streams on my workdays. I would like to pace these out to be done by the end of June or early July, and will be putting that into my schedule accordingly. If stuff comes up, and it usually does, then I'll still be on track to get 'em finished in July.

Commissionstuff - Mostly for this, working on cover art and spot illustrations for a CD project, and the endless Lovecraft creepybook project.

Cat Bomb Cupcake - Let's see where I can get on this, this month.

Extinct Animal Coloring Book - I am considering launching this sooner than later, so I can have the kickstarter campaign going this month while I work on icons and Cat Bomb Cupcake. Then, I could work on the book once it's funded. I'm not sure, though. I think it'd be good for me to make some of the pages before I start, partially so I have good content to show, and partially so I have a better idea of how long the project will take me. I already have a price quote and budget worked out for how much it will cost to get the final product printed up, but to do that, I need a product. ;)

And with that, new art projects, maybe new commissions if those appear, puppets, writing, and Zazzlestuff!

On the sleep front, I've gotten lax with my wakeup time, and it's getting harder to pull myself out of bed at 5, because of that. I'm going to set myself to it with fresh intentions to make it work. I've been good about getting to bed on time to pull it off, but because the sun's coming up much earlier, Vincent wakes up an hour before the alarm, and if I wake up and fall asleep again, it's way harder to wake up for real. I'm going to try to willpower through this one, because waking up at 4, when the cat wakes up, is a silly solution.

Today, I have writing group, and my project for the day, before that, is to work out the details of my schedule on paper. I'll be starting the new schedule tomorrow morning!
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