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01 July 2012 @ 09:33 am
Woosh! We made it! And, I've almost made it to 31 years, which I am feeling better about, after my little dip into cosmic dread and mundane anxiety. I'm still pretty worried about bills, but I'll get caught up, and this particular worry will be behind me in a couple days. I am gud with budget. And, the timefish didn't eat our universe after all. At least... so far, so good.

I'm thinking of making a clock for myself, with my daily schedule on it. It would have three parts - AM, PM and DAY OFF, so that I don't feel bad staring at my schedule if it's a weird day or a chill day. Did any of you make clocks, or think of any cool clock ideas? What would a clock representing your average day look like?

Tumblr - for those of you who prefer your content served up on Tumblr, I've started a more general art blog over there, which will be largely mirroring content from here, and also random reblogs and who knows what. It's http://thestorydragon.tumblr.com

DRAGONS - another rockin' dragon dream! I think my sleeping brain likes to translate "cozy under a pile of blankets while it is cold in the room" as "breathing underwater" because this sort of dream is so cozy and soothing, and then I wake up all comfortable in my bed, usually with the cat walking all over me and touching my face because he needs food now or he will die.

I am not so sure dragons breathe underwater, though. I guess I get to make that part up :B
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