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04 August 2012 @ 09:22 am
canineatheart's pet rescue group is raising money to purchase medical kennels. They've found a good deal, so now... funds! They've raised half of what they need, so far. http://lcdsvolunteers.chipin.com/medical-kennels

Speaking of dogs rescued by that group, Otis now knows how to give a high-five, added to his growing repertoire of tricks. Milo is now teaching him to spin around on command.

I don't actually know how to spell repertoire. I don't think I've ever tried, before. I used the internet. :P

I'm thinking ahead to Rainfurrest, and table merchandise and badges and such. I might be able to offer 1.4" keychains with custom artwork - tiny almost-icon-sized keychain badges! Think that would be fun? Also, I have two badge options worked out, and can do custom art cards and sketches. I'll work the prices out and be open for pre-orders once the icons are done.

And, icons. I will be streaming today. Just lemme finish my breakfast and catch up on my internets.
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