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31 January 2015 @ 12:49 pm
I am streaming work on animal art cards today, for an Icon Day incentive goal! I will be picking animals to draw, and you can watch me sketch, ink and color them. Afterward, I'll select some random folks who requested icons to win the cards as a prize.

There's a text chat we can hang out on while I work. The rules are pretty simple: keep discussion SFW. No political or religious discussion, and please be respectful of other views. I'd like to avoid talking about football, and please don't RP your character in the channel. We're just hanging out. :) I might be geeking out about animal evolution, just by nature of the subject at hand, in case that is not your cup of tea.

Hope to see you there!


EDIT: The stream is now finished! Thank you to those who stopped by. I got 5 art cards done! :D
30 December 2014 @ 01:35 pm
I'm working with a local rescue to adopt a cat who is used to other cats and dogs, friendly, and might be adopted along with a friend of his, too! He's been with the rescue since he was a kitten, and is about a year and a half old, now. The person who runs the rescue kindly offered to hold onto him until I'm ready. He gives people squinty buddy eyes when they talk to him, rolled around in the kennel, snuggled into cheek pettings, and groomed my hand. He uses soft paws when he bats at you to play, and is a sweet orange and white guy. His eyes are so deep amber-brown they look red compared to his coat. I want to name him Herbie Buttons. Milo is choosing the other cat. We were looking at getting the first cat's brother, but there's another cat there who's also friends with Herbie who's more his style.

Anyway, a couple people asked me if they could help with this new cat adoption adventure. This is not a dire situation by any means, nor am I incapable of earning and saving up what I need to make this happen. We've got rent and all that good stuff worked out, and I already have monthly and incidental cat expenses worked into my usual budget. But, just the same, I'm working pretty hard to get back into gear after not being able to work for most of this month, and it certainly would help. So, I'm putting together a little post about how to help if you wanted to.

The adoption fee for two cats is going to be $150, maybe ten less if we get the black furred kitty, because they have a lower price to encourage adopting them. Before I can bring them home, I need to pay Vincent's remaining vet bill, and get Athena in for her annual wellness check/shots, which is $140 and ~$100 (depends on what they're charging for the shots, and if she needs anything else. She is a healthy cat but 10, so you never know what might pop up). I have food and all of the basic cat-care playset already, including a full pack of flea treatment for cats in their weight range, but there are some other things I'd like to get, that are in my January budget once I get some projects done.

You could buy a picture! I have all the art stacked up in the art store now, except for the pile of sketches. I still haven't decided to sell it as a lot, or split it up, or auction it. But all the finished art is here: http://thestorydragon.com/?post_type=product

This is an Amazon list of some cat stuff, mostly stuff I'm getting once cat is acclimated and can come with me to the shop to be my rockin' art studio sidekick. http://amzn.com/w/1V6ARVYI4TFP3

My paypal is coyotepuck@gmail.com if you want to toss something into the, uh, kitty.

I'm not specifically opening for new work to fund this, but am usually able to add stuff into my queue. Right now, I'm focusing on existing commissions and the icons, and don't want to leave people waiting around for additional work outside that schedule. I lost a fair amount of work time in December, and taking care of that is my priority.

Anyway, I want to say again, not dire, not destitute, no worries. Thank you for reading :B
22 December 2014 @ 10:20 pm
All the art in the big box of art is now up for sale individually. Check 'em out here - http://thestorydragon.com/?post_type=product
Use code Herbie Buttons to get 20% off. :O
19 December 2014 @ 12:52 pm
First off, dropping a ton of stuff off into the mail today and tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. My life took a sharp turn and I had to pull off into a metaphorical rest stop to... drink metaphorical coffee? I'm doing more or less okay right now. Still having tough days and I miss Vincent so much, but I'll get better.

I found out on Tuesday that I needed to move my studio to the new location by today, not by the end of this month, so I spent Wednesday and yesterday making that happen. It went pretty well. I have a box full of art - ~120 pages of sketches (headshots and doodles, various monsters and critters, full character drawings, lots of Burlwood concept stuff) and 70 small and large inked and colored drawings. I am going to be scanning the stuff that's not scanned (with the color art, at least!) and putting them up for sale. But, in the meantime, if anyone is interested in acquiring a full box full of happy art, I'll sell the whole thing as is (unmatted, many pieces not cut out from larger pages) for $1,500. I retain the rights to the characters and images.

Largely for my own reference, since there are not image links here, behind the cut is a list of the color/ink pics in the box.

art list of doomCollapse )
02 December 2014 @ 12:14 pm
I've posted a free high-resolution file that you can print out and use as a holiday card. It features Blunder the reindeer! Get it here - http://thestorydragon.com/?p=378
02 December 2014 @ 08:41 am
The pet rescue that saved and bottle-raised Vincent when he was a baby is Planned Pethood, in Toledo. http://www.plannedpethood.org/
By coincidence, they are having a special fundraiser today, for #givingtuesday where if they raise $1,000, they get another $1,000. If you feel inspired, please consider making a donation in Vincent's memory. It will go to save cats who are just as wonderful and special as him, and help them to get to their people who will love them. https://plannedpethood.secure.force.com/donate/?dfId=a0ni0000005q19uAAA
01 December 2014 @ 03:36 pm
Vincent has passed away. Please be patient with me as far as replies and stuff goes. My life is kind of paused right now. I love my cat very much.
30 November 2014 @ 06:05 pm
Vincent has taken a sharp turn for the worse. He went to the emergency vet and will go to his regular vet tomorrow morning, when we'll hopefully have the results of some tests and x-ray and stuff. I will have more to say, later. He has not improved all day.
22 November 2014 @ 10:07 am
Today's the last day for icon requests on this batch - http://thestorydragon.com/?p=370

Vincent the kitty is recovering from an illness. I've been very worried about him, as he lost a fair amount of weight pretty fast. He's a pudgy guy, and that puts him at risk for fatty liver disease, but we're keeping tabs on him and his vet is involved. He's eating plenty now, so that's really good, and all that's to be done at this point is to keep an eye on him while he recovers. Wish him luck!